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Learn to pitch yourself in under an hour a week with no pitching experience to increase lead generation and reach 

Clients Features In: Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times, Women's Health, New York Post, BBC

Harness the Power of PR  Features

 Does this sound like you?

  • You struggle to have more leads, but you are not seeing results on instagram

  • You are tired of feeling like you are not recognized in your field as the go to. 

  • You struggle to see how you could possibly have new community members in your email list.

  • You struggle figuring out how to improve your SEO

  • You know you need to be on podcasts and land features, but it seems complicated,

  • You don’t feel like you have time or systems to even start pitching. 

Pocket Publicist Simplifies Pitching So You Get to Landing Features

Did you know writers are looking for sources every day and you can get featured without cold pitching?

Pocket Publicist

Just Imagine If...

You had a strategy that allowed you to pitch in under an hour a week.  

You realized you are ready to land features and were scheduling multiple at a time. 

You knew how to find proper podcasts and press features that are looking for people like you. 

You did not have to feel like a car salesman when pitching.  
You finally had a way to pass pitching off to your virtual assistant without having to train them from scratch. 

You have the guidance of a successful publicist showing you what works when pitching. 

is here for you!

Introducing Pocket Publicist 


Macy saw and increase in her following after her feature in Women's Health and ultimately was able to raise her brand deal prices and scale her coaching business. 

Gina was able to see an influx of new buyers that were not from her community and connections after landing numerous podcasts and articles in places like New York Times and Mind Body Green

Learn PR Strategy to Pave the Way to Your Biggest Goals

  • Lifetime Access to the Pocket Publicist Curriculum that takes you from start to finish so you can start pitching immediately and know how to land your first feature in 30 days or less. 
  • A clear system and templates so that you know how to use just an hour a week to pitch and you can track pitches, contacts, statuses and know the best way to use your time
  • Access to our community inside the Geneva App for mobile or desktop so you can get feedback on pitches, have eyes and ears posting about opportunities we see for you, and share your features inside the community for more traction
  • Learn how to share your features to maximize reach and opportunity
  • Additional trainings added monthly so that your education is ongoing
  • Downloadable guides and templates to help you with your pitching journey
  • Future Guest Expert trainings inside the curriculum 
  • Access to me for feedback on pitches

$1147 Pay in full or 3 Payments of $397
Lifetime Access

The DEETS: What's Inside Pocket Publicist?

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Entrepreneur and Print Women’s Health Without Pay to Play Techniques

Take Me there

Dielle was featured in Entrepreneur in a full article about her. 

Bradee was featured in Women’s Health then reached out to after to get a print article that would go in their physical magazine. 

This is DEFINITELY for you, if:

Payment Options:
Pay In Full: $1147
Payment Plan: 3 Payments of $397

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A Business Owner who knows what they want to be known for
You are looking to scale and want to tap outside your current lead network 

You want to start building connection and opportunity in your community to drive sales and revenue. 

You know your mission is important and you want to broaden who you help outside your circle.
You have 30 minutes to an hour a week for pitching that you or your team does for you. 

This program is program lifetime access for now!

How long do I get access?

This program is designed for those that are just starting, or those that have some features, but want to narrow in on this marketing strategy of lending press and podcast features. 

What if I have never had a feature before?

I show you how to have features to writers who are actually looking for you and you just tell them about yourself in order to meet their article needs. We are not cold pitching press. Podcast, we learn all about standing out in the host’s inbox. 

I am not a good writer and I don’t want to write a bunch of pitches. This feels icky!

This is under an hour a week you can devote to pitching. You can also pass this off to your VA and have them use any remaining hours for this purpose. No need to write an SOP, just give them your login!

I don't have time to pitch. 

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You will love learning more about PR, how it serves you, and how to prepare for PR. 

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