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Dielle Charon was featured in Forbes

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Elizabeth King was featured in BBC

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Dielle Charon
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Macy Pruett
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Helen Peterson
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Public relations

We take your expertise and pitch you to be in front of more eyes via podcasts and articles. We help you to develop your brand as an expert 

This is perfect for you if you want to grow your visibility through podcast and print/digital articles. This is a great way to build your expertise while working to land in person speaking as well.  

Package includes:
  • Research to create the database of podcasts and editors that are a great match to pitch to for you
  • Custom pitch for of podcast and article pitching
  • Personalized pitches being sent to a minimum of 20 editors monthly
  • Coordinating and setting up PR interviews
  • Researching databases of needed on-brand topics (HARO QWOTED EDITORIELLE)
  • Monthly report of data of launches, pitches, and live article links

The investment is $1,200/mo ($3500 a quarter when paid in full) for a 3-month commitment period. To move forward with booking, fill out the interest form below.

$1,500/mo investment

6-month commitment

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A High-Touch Operation with a Custom-Fit Approach

Why Genieva Bliss Media Is Different

I take a personalized approach to PR and never do merge pitching (ex: sending the same pitch 100 times/week) and instead focus on highly targeted placements. 

I believe in quality over quantity and building strong relationships with editors & podcast hosts. As a result, all of my clients to date have gotten features from prominent media outlets within 30 days of us working together. 

What does GBM offer?

PR to Pave the Way to Your Biggest Goals

Right now, you are not moving forward with your desires to be featured on podcast and in press and you have no idea where to start, but you want to be able to land features and build your community. You want to learn how to do the pitching and to have your team take over as well. 

Join this community to:
  • Gain access to my curriculum on how to pitch yourself through warm press leads where you can land yourself in places like Forbes, BBC, MInd Body Green without having to be a pitch writer.
  • Learn how to pitch yourself to podcasts and know how to handle this process and create a system
  • Learn how to use and optimize your feature that you land
  • Have me as your coach to access easily to ask for feedback on the responses to writers you send in
  • Have me keeping an eye out for opportunities that match you
  • Have a community to celebrate wins and learn the PR power along the way

Let's Start Growing Your visibility

Lifetime Access

Pocket Publicist

Learn to pitch yourself without cold pitching

Signature PR Pitching 

Grow Your Audience

Your brand deserves a new level of attention. It’s time to scale your visibility, position yourself as an expert in your industry, and get more people to learn about what you do. 

Using my strong connections with editors & podcast hosts, I’ll custom-pitch you to prominent media outlets to surge your audience numbers and speaking engagements.

Join this service to:
  • Be pitched to podcasts that are perfectly aligned and have the booking taken care of for you
  • Be pitched to awards that celebrate your brand and movement
  • Be pitched to speaking opportunities that can bring in income
  • Pitched to featured articles
  • Tips on how to use your features for maximum reach

$1500/month INVESTMENT
6-Month Commitment 

Learn more about Pocket publicist

Learn about Done For YOu

PR & Media Placement

Grow Your Audience

PR & Video Strategy to Pave the Way to Your Biggest Goals

Your business deserves massive attention. Getting featured in a major publication builds your authority and brings you trajectory-changing organic traffic. For example, one of our clients grew 30k followers in sixty days after being featured in Women’s Health Magazine. 

Over the years, Genieva Bliss Media has fostered strong relationships with editors & podcast hosts from prominent outlets, ranging from Forbes to MindBodyGreen. My PR strategy focuses on high-quality & targeted pitching and has helped clients expand their reach by tens of thousands and get booked out for quality speaking engagements. 

What’s Included: 
  • Comprehensive Research to create a personalized database of editors & podcasts that are a great match for your brand 
  • Custom Pitches to a minimum of 20 editors per month, each hand-crafted to uniquely position you & your brand (no two pitches I send out are the same to increase acceptance rates) 
  • Coordination & Set Up of PR Interviews for the smoothest experience possible 
  • Additional Research on needed on-brand topics 
  • Monthly Reports of launches, pitches, and live article links 


3-Month Commitment 

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